Unveiling the Stellar Cast of La Reina del Sur Season 3: Meet the Stars Taking the Crime Drama to New Heights

La Reina del Sur Season 3 is one of the most anticipated crime dramas of the year. Following the success of the previous seasons, this latest installment promises to take viewers on a thrilling and action-packed journey. With an ensemble cast of talented actors, the show is set to reach new heights and captivate audiences once again.

Overview of the Crime Drama Series

La Reina del Sur is a Spanish-language telenovela based on the novel of the same name by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The series tells the story of Teresa Mendoza, a young woman who becomes involved in the drug trade and rises to power as a powerful and influential drug lord. Filled with suspense, intrigue, and complex characters, the show has gained a massive following around the world.

Meet the Main Cast of La Reina del Sur Season 3

Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza

Kate del Castillo reprises her role as Teresa Mendoza, the fearless and resourceful protagonist of La Reina del Sur. Known for her beauty and cunning, Teresa navigates the dangerous world of drug trafficking with intelligence and determination. Del Castillo’s portrayal of Teresa has been widely praised, and her return in Season 3 is highly anticipated by fans.

Humberto Zurita as Epifanio Vargas

Humberto Zurita portrays Epifanio Vargas, the former governor of Sinaloa and one of Teresa’s most formidable enemies. Zurita brings a commanding presence to the character, capturing the essence of a corrupt politician with a hidden agenda. His dynamic performance adds depth and complexity to the series.

Alberto Jiménez as Oleg Yasikov

Alberto Jiménez joins the cast as Oleg Yasikov, a Russian mobster with connections to the drug trade. Jiménez’s portrayal of Oleg is intense and captivating, bringing a new level of danger and intrigue to the show. His character is set to clash with Teresa, creating a thrilling storyline that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The New Faces in La Reina del Sur Season 3

La Reina del Sur Season 3 introduces several new cast members who are sure to make a lasting impression. These fresh faces bring a fresh energy and unique talent to the show, adding to its already stellar cast.

Supporting Cast Members of La Reina del Sur Season 3

In addition to the main cast, La Reina del Sur Season 3 features a talented ensemble of supporting actors who bring depth and nuance to the series. These actors play crucial roles in the development of the storyline and provide a compelling backdrop for the main characters.

Behind the Scenes: Directors and Producers of La Reina del Sur Season 3

Behind every great show is a team of dedicated directors and producers. La Reina del Sur Season 3 is no exception. The creative minds behind the scenes work tirelessly to bring the story to life and ensure that every episode is a masterpiece.


La Reina del Sur Season 3 promises to be an unforgettable journey for fans of the crime drama genre. With a stellar cast, captivating storylines, and talented crew, this latest installment is set to take the series to new heights. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the show, get ready to be enthralled by the gripping performances and thrilling plot twists. Don’t miss out on the action-packed adventure of La Reina del Sur Season 3.

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