Exploring Different Payment Methods: Which Option Is Right for You?

Payment Methods

Tight schedule or busy life? What is the reason for missing your credit card bill payment online? Missing a bill payment can dig a hole in your pocket and also hamper your credit score. To escape such a dreadful situation, choose a payment method that makes your life easy! 

You should always try to pay the bill on time and in full every month, and that too before the due date. This helps you maintain your credit score and keep high interest charges in check. This healthy financial habit also leads to a low credit utilization ratio, which is positive for your credit score! You will also earn cashback and rewards if you pay the bill in full.

So, let’s explore all the options one has and then decide which one of them is the best for you. You can keep your bill under control by choosing a suitable payment method from a pool of innovative and variant strategies. If the bill is under control, only then will the credit card prove to be a valuable tool instead of being a source of 

What is a credit card?

It is a credit instrument in the form of a card used for making payments on credit across various platforms. It is an overdraft facility in the sense that their working mechanisms are similar. Having a credit card means you can spend more than what you have. The extra amount that you spend apart from your savings resembles a loan on which you will have to pay a pre-decided interest.

Every credit card has an established limit, signifying the highest sum available for borrowing. The card issuer determines this credit limit, considering the cardholder’s creditworthiness.

You can now make the credit card bill payment online with the help of a mobile app.

What are the top things to remember when paying the credit card bill online?

  1. Credit limit
  2. Interest charges
  3. Full payment and avoiding minimum payments 
  4. Timely review of statements and bill generation status.
  5. The grace period is during which you can pay your bill without incurring interest.

What are the different ways of paying a credit card bill? How do you choose the right one?

There are various options available to pay your credit card bill, thanks to the convenience and the modern world we live in today! However, choosing one method of payment would require proper thought over it. The methods that are available are:

  • Online banking

This can be done by logging in to the respective bank website. Then, you will have to transfer money from your savings account directly to your credit card. The payment is reflected immediately.

  • Third party apps

Smart financial apps like Bajaj Pay and PhonePe also offer a streamlined approach by providing all the bill payments due under one umbrella. This allows you to manage multiple bills, including the credit card bill payment online, from a single platform.

  • Credit card issuer apps

These are specialized apps that can pay the bill instantly with just a single click.

Traditional methods, such as visiting a bank, tracking emails, or direct phone calls with the issuer, are also available. But given the time and space, you are advised to go with the former methods, significantly tilting towards third party apps, mainly because all your bills would be managed in one app only.

How to pay a credit card bill online?

I forgot to pay my credit card bill twice around three months ago and had to pay extra interest! Just when I was about to cancel my credit card, a friend suggested the Bajaj Finserv app, one of the best Credit card bill payment app, which allows you to pay your credit card from the comfort of your home.

Following are the steps that are required while paying a credit card bill:

  1. Download the application on your smartphone
  2. Sign up with your contact number
  3. Tap on “Credit Card Bill” under the “Bills & Recharge” section. 
  4. Select your bank and proceed further accordingly.


I followed the steps mentioned above to pay the due bill for my credit card Kotak, and I have never defaulted on my payments ever since. So, managing a credit card can prove to be easy, given your understanding and the approach you have taken! To maximize the benefits and avoid default payments, you should choose one method out of four and stick to it, making it a habit to pay the dues on time.

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