Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Update Patch Notes

Call of Duty

Go on and buy COD Mobile points right now. Season 6 of Mobile is now live! The game has gotten a major update that adds more content thanks to the newest season. CODM is on its sixth season and you can expect to find some awesome skins and weapons to use in the brand new update.

But what else is there in the new Season? We’re obviously going to find a lot more new content by simply playing the game. But there’s going to be some new things and some changes made that many people should be aware of. Here are those changes and additions that you can find in this brand new season of Call of Duty Mobile.

New Weapon

Season 6 is introducing a fan favorite weapon that a lot of people have been looking forward to. Here we have the BP50 Assault Rifle. It contains a high rate of fire with long ranged capabilities. This rifle will get you some kills from a distance while still spewing out bullets like you have an unlimited supply next to you.

New Class

Alongside the new weapon is the new Revive class. The class essentially lets you revive teammates who are incapacitated. Any teammate who is killed will not be able to be revived. But the neat part is that you don’t have to revive a teammate by yourself.

You have a drone with you that goes wherever you go. You can even send it out to revive your teammates while you provide cover fire.

New Skins

You can’t have a Call of Duty game without some sick skins. Season 6 is chock full of vibrant skins that you can obtain by purchasing the Premium Pass. Here are the skins you can get for your operators:

  • Klepto – Miss Cryptic
  • Portnova – Glamor Mob
  • Ruin – Rage Overkill
  • Crash – Knuckleduster

And here are the weapon blueprints you can get:

  • DH-R – Sonic Assault
  • SP-R 208 – Fated Journey
  • M4LMG – Guntime Funtime
  • Dobvra – Party Animal
  • BP50 – ASH2ASH

New Map

For the Black Ops Cold War fans, rejoice because the beloved Collateral map is coming to Call of Duty Mobile. This variant of the map is much smaller due to the size of the game. But it is a fun and fantastic map to play a match in still. 

Combat Advisor

This is a new feature that is introduced in the game. Combat Advisor is essentially a mentor/mentee relationship where both players will play game modes together to complete challenges and earn rewards. If you are the Combat Advisor, then you will be getting extra benefits like extra Player and Weapon XP. 

In Conclusion

Season 6 is going to be a fun time for all Call of Duty Mobile fans. If you haven’t found a COD mobile account for sale that has a great selection of operators and weapons, then you need to get on it now. This season is shaping up to be totally fun and worthwhile.

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